Powerful Sound Systems: EMPHASER’s Component Speakers

Better sound in the car – the EMPHASER Monolith speakers create the ultimate sound experience with powerful bass and brilliant highs

Powerful Sound Systems: EMPHASER

EMPHASER Monolith – new car speakers

Car audio specialist EMPHASER has expanded its Monolith series with three great sounding 2-way component speaker systems: ECP-M4 (10 cm), ECP-M5 (13 cm) and ECP-M6 (16.5 cm). Made using the best materials that have been matched in a series of elaborate tests, the new component systems confirm the aspirations of the EMPHASER developers to create car audio products for music lovers who expect a good sound, dynamic response and a powerful performance in their vehicle.

The new Monolith component series uses only materials that have been carefully selected and precisely matched. On account of its hardness and high resonant frequency, the mid/woofers deploy aluminum cones which are known for their rich detail reproduction of music with extremely low distortion. The strength and the low moving mass of the cone material has been purposefully chosen as to provide punchy bass attacks combined with a highly resolved mid range. The so-called Cambridge surround with the form of an ‘M’ ensures that the ECP-M6 loses nothing of its precise reproduction, even at high levels with the accompanying high cone excursions.

The 25-mm tweeter with woven dome and neodymium magnet is convincing in its warm sound image, and can reproduce even the smallest details in music. The cone geometry provides a uniform directional characteristic for an outstanding sound in a wide range of installation situations. Beside the low weight of cone, surround and voice coil, it is above all the conscious choice to not use ferrofluid that is responsible for the tweeter being so vibrant, spatial and free of coloration.

The component speakers owe the clean, crisp bass foundation and their sound level capabilities to the powerful strontium ferrite magnets of the mid/woofer. Details like the aluminum die-cast basket with optimized temperature management, the butyl rubber surround, a 2-layer copper wire voice coil on a temperature-resistant, electrically neutral polymide former, and the durable Connex spider with woven tinsel leads underline the quality of these speakers.

At the center of the systems, however, are the crossovers. The components have been defined in an intensive series of tests in the lab and in the vehicle to achieve the best possible phasing between the tweeter and woofer in the transition region. The result is authentic sounding voices and instruments, especially their precise sound stage image with an impressive spatial depth.

For enhanced installation comfort the crossovers have been split between separate housings for the tweeter and woofer branch. This facilitates simple fitting at the original installation location, without having to route new cables through the vehicle. The crossover components have a high Q or quality factor so as to influence the music signal as little as possible. In particular, in the direct signal path only air coils, film capacitors and MOX resistors are used. Tweeter level adjustment occurs in three stages via a massive jumper. Moreover, in the case of the ECP-M4 10-cm component system, you can select between two break frequencies for the tweeter to compensate acoustically for the spatial distance to the mid-range speaker that may be shorter or longer, depending on the installation situation.

Robust cover grilles are included as well as an enclosure for the tweeter. This housing can be mounted at two different angles for perfect alignment of the radiation pattern axis.

EMPHASER has been a name in the car audio sector for 25 years. The brand has become a well respected brand since middle of the 1990s for its enormously powerful subwoofers of the XTREME series, followed later by the series SPL, Linear-X, Neo-SPL and the state-of-the-art woofer E15NEO-COMP. The present range covers subwoofers, vehicle-specific Plug”N”Play component sets and classic lines of loudspeakers and amplifiers.

EMPHASER products are distributed exclusively through Europe’s largest car media specialist, the Swiss ACR AG.

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