Emoji Testing

How many of you tend to skip the warmup and cooldown of your workout?

It’s ok…be honest. You won’t get in trouble. 😜

Sometimes I do too, especially if I’m in a hurry or I have a (kid/dog/cat) pulling on my leg wanting to go play or get a snack.

Well friend, we’re gonna have to change our ways, because in the new workout program I’m about to start, there is a HUGE focus on properly warming up and cooling down your body before and after your workout!

I never understood just how important activating your muscles before a workout was until I started working out with Amoila, my new trainer (who just so happens to be an NBA trainer too…yeah, he’s the REAL DEAL!) 👍🏼

That’s what I love about my workout programs…I have professional trainers available anywhere, anytime, and they teach me the WHY behind the workout and moves. 

It’s not some random Pinterest workout created by anyone or their dog. 

It’s tested, proven, and professional programs created by LEGIT trainers and fitness experts. 

Want to try out the sample workout of this program and see for yourself?

Drop a 💪🏼 in the comments and I’ll send you the link to try it out!

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