Private Industry, Accademia Stepping Up in AI Fight Against Covid-19

Innovative private enterprises and selected academics are
employing AI in the fight against the spread of the Covid-29 virus,
each hoping for the breakthrough idea. (GETTY IMAGES)

The worldwide Covid-19 spread is a tragic experience that is
spurring innovators to try many approaches to slowing it down,
measuring it, treating it and ultimately the hope is, prevent it
with an effective vaccine. Here we look at examples of how
innovative private enterprises and selected academics are employing
AI in the fight.

Scientists from Deargen of South
Korea recently published a preprint paper with results from a deep
learning-based model called MT-DTI, that used simplified chemical
sequences, instead of 2D or 3D molecular structures, in an effort
to predict how strongly a molecule of interest would bind to a
target protein.

From available FDA-approved antiviral drugs, the HIV medication
atazanavir was found to be highly expected to bind and block a
protein on the outside of the virus that causes Covid-19, according
to an account in Analytics
. The model also detected three other antivirals that
have potential.

Deargen is focused on an AI-based new drug development process,
operating through its network of drug development experts. The
company specializes in genome data analysis, biomarker prediction,
molecule selection and optimization, according to its website.

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By John P. Desmond, AI Trends Editor
April 9, 2020