Voice of the Car Summit: Worldwide Online Event – April 7-8

When we’re born, all we have is our mother’s voice – And then,
we develop an inner voice.

So it stands to reason: as computing evolves, it will evolve to
become voice-first. – The modern connected car has much to gain
from integrating voice.

Already, the race is on, as brands such as BMW, Mercedes,
Tesla, Hyundai, Ford, and many others are integrating various voice
assistants and conversational AI into their vehicles.

Where are we heading?

What are the best practices we’ve already learned?

Who is out in front, leading this industry evolution?

How are different companies approaching this fascinating,
complex frontier?

Learn all of this, and more, at The Voice of the Car

​Originally a sold-out two-day conference in San Jose; now a
worldwide online event.


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