Create Symbiotic Relationships with AI in Business

Knowingly or unknowingly we are all using artificial
intelligence or AI. There is a combination of always-on devices,
cloud and edge computing, and APIs in our everyday lives
bringing AI into practice. Here is how to create
symbiotic relationships with AI in business.

Even though the relationship between humans and machines is
growing ever closer, it’s much too early to describe many of
these collaborations as symbiotic.

The current relationship between people and computers is probably
best described as transactional.

When humans have specific types of problems, we’ve built
and trained machines to solve those problems.

Examples include machine learning or ML. The ML algorithms that
can identify cancer in brain images. The algorithms can also
determine the best placements or designs for online ads, and there
are deep learning systems that can predict customer churn in

At the moment, we can only imagine how much more productive we
will become as we form symbiotic relationships with AI. Routine
tasks that currently take hours or days could be abbreviated to 10
or 15 minutes with the aid of a digital partner.

From simple exercises like finding a new restaurant to more
expert tasks such as cancer detection, we will increasingly rely on
machines for everyday tasks. Dependence on machines might begin as
a “second pair of eyes†or “ a second opinion,â€Â
but our commitment to machines (and AI) will evolve into full-on
digital collaborators.

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 / 19 Apr 2020