Crowd prevention system uses smart pole to create safer beaches

Omniflow uses smart pole and AI technology to try to prevent
overcrowded beaches

Omniflow’s technology analyses how busy the beach is and shows
real-time occupancy levels on the pole or an app so a user can make
an informed decision about where to go.

A smart pole that determines the occupancy and related safe
distance of beach areas is soon to be deployed in the Algarve
region of Portugal.

As well as evaluating and showing the number of beach goers at
any time, it also informs the public of best practice to ensure a
“safe beach season” when lockdown measures are relaxed.

Smart pole

The solution uses smart pole base technology from Omniflow that
generates its own energy through the sun and wind and stores it via
built-in batteries. The aim is for the poles to be as sustainable
and trouble-free as possible which will facilitate implementation
both in terms of infrastructure required and time for

The smart pole, that already features smart lighting and
telecommunications’ features, will be equipped with artificial
intelligence and sensors to assess occupancy of an entire beach or
specific areas.

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Originally published
bySmartCitiesWorld news team | May 22, 2020