5 Social Media Tasks You Can Automate Right Now

Did you know that the number of active social media users exceeds half of the world’s population? According to Statista, 4.2 billion people worldwide are using social media platforms! Given that, more and more brands are leveraging multiple social networks to reach their target audience..

What’s great about such a multichannel approach? Every customer touchpoint opens opportunities to strengthen your relationship with your audience. But the challenging part is social media marketing across multiple platforms takes huge amounts of a marketer’s time.

Here is the good news: with the right automation tools at hand, you can minimize your workload when marketing on social media. Wanna know how? Keep reading this article to discover the social media tasks that you can automate right now!

Pinterest Magic Automation

In the current year, Pinterest intends to introduce a so-called “Verified Merchants Program”. In this program, only customers who meet certain requirements will be allowed to acquire customers in certain areas. This should improve the satisfaction of its own users.

For the current year, Pinterest is forecasting an increase in turnover from 1.14 to 1.52 billion dollars. The experts’ forecasts here have so far been for 1.48 billion dollars.

The company’s shares rose in post-trading by around 17 percent to 26.91 dollars. This is the highest level since October last year. Pinterest went public in April last year. The issue price had been 19 dollars.

Twitter Posts Strong Revenue Result in Q3

Twitter has shared its latest performance update, which shows a significant increase in ad spend, after a decline last quarter, and slower growth in total users. How sustainable that is, of course, impossible to say, but if Twitter can present itself as a solid advertising option, even with a smaller overall audience, that could negate some of the concern around that slower user growth.

Medium Publikation

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