Quantum Computing with AI Seen Helping to Advance IoT

Quantum computing is still in a development stage but is
advancing into a new era, where it is poised to accelerate AI.

While still in a development stage, quantum computing is
starting to advance into a new era, where it is poised to
accelerate AI and the Internet of Things.

Quantum computing is seen as helping us to address some of the
biggest and most complex challenges we face as humans, suggested
author Chuck Brooks in a recent account in Forbes.
Brooks is a thought leader for cybersecurity and emerging
technologies, and a chair in the Quantum Security Alliance, formed
to allow academia, industry, researchers and government to

Quantum computing comes along at the right time for the Internet
of Things, the idea that nearly every electronic device is
addressable on the internet. The number of connective devices is
expanding rapidly; an estimate from Business Insider Intelligence
is that 40 billion IoT devices will be in place globally by 2023,
including sensors, data, machines, people and the interactions
between them.

The challenge is how to monitor and ensure quality services from
all these devices. “Responsiveness, scalability, processes, and
efficiency are needed to best service any new technology or
capability. Especially across trillions of sensors,” Brooks

Quantum technology can also be helpful in addressing network
latency, interoperability, AI, real-time analytics, predictive
analytics, increased storage and data memory, secure cloud
computing and the emerging 5G telecommunications

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AI Trends Staff, March 26, 2020