Intelligent water-monitoring company funds expansion across Europe

A web app informs personnel as soon as the technology detects a
leak or other problem

Shayp’s technology combines a single sensor with machine
learning and advanced analytics and has already been used by the
City of Brussels to help save 50 million litres of water per

The Brussels-based tech company Shayp has raised €1.9m in seed
financing to scale its intelligent water-monitoring system for

The company’s technology combines a single sensor with machine
learning and advanced analytics. Shayp claims it allows property
owners to reduce water consumption by more than 20 per cent. It has
already reportedly been used by the City of Brussels to inform a
major action plan that is saving the Belgian capital more than 50
million litres of water per year.

The two European venture capital investors Signa Innovations
(Berlin) and Amavi Capital (Belgium) specialise in PropTech and
want to help Shayp accelerate and expand its water-saving solutions
to public and private sector real-estate owners across Europe.

According to Shayp, one in three buildings suffer from costly
leakages all year round due to problems such as faulty plumbing and
compromised systems. These leakages can account for anywhere
between 10- and 60 per cent of the organisation’s water bill
since a vast majority go unnoticed or unreported by personnel.

“The real estate sector accounts for over 70 per cent of the
water supply, making it a key player in addressing the increasing
water shortages we are facing,” said Alex McCormack, CEO of
Shayp. “This is where we want to help and make a

Shayp, which was founded in 2017, said its sensor can be
installed in less than five minutes and uses machine learning
techniques to identify leakages and system anomalies in real-time
across the whole building water supply. A web app immediately
alerts staff of any problems. Users can track the history of the
actions taken, the water saved and identify any further measures to
improve water consumption.

After raising its pre-seed round in April 2018, backed by
Belgium based imec.istart and BEAngels, Shayp has worked with
public and private organisations including municipalities,
hospitals, offices, retailers, schools and multi-residential real
estate owners.

The Solar Impulse Foundation, founded by sustainable development
champion Bertrand Piccard, recognised Shayp with the “Efficient
Solution” following its work with the City of Brussels.

Originally published by
SmartCitiesWorld News Team | December 4, 2020
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